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Who We Are

Message from the Owner:

The idea of PARADISE PET HOTEL & DAY SPA originated when I could not find an adequate facility to board my pets.  Over the years, many vacation opportunities were missed because I could not find an acceptable boarding facility and I didn’t want to leave my pets home alone all day and night with a “pet checker”.

Over the years, I have been parents to an assortment of dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, and fish.  Every one of them has been special in their own way, from the cat that opened doors and turned on lights (in the middle of the night) to the Basset Hound (Chelsea) that decided she absolutely DID NOT LIKE the voice of my 2-year-old.  Over the 15 years that I had her, Chelsea learned to tolerate (sort of) “the voice” and “the voice” grew up and finally changed.

We pet parents know how our “special family members” enrich our lives.  They are the children that never grow up.  We know they dig holes, make messes, make noise, slime our guests and generally drop hair all over the place.  But none of that matters.  They know our moods, and they alter theirs to harmonize with them.  We are continually amazed at their exceptional senses, their willingness to please, and of course, their total devotion.

When we leave them, even for a short time, we want to know they have the best possible care.  A daily visit by a friend or “pet sitter” cannot possibly fill this void.  I have studied kennel and daycare management (with American Boarding Kennels Association), pet grooming, pet nutrition, first aid and CPR.  I am a certified Pet Care Technician through the Pet Services Association. All of our staff at Paradise Pets will strive to make your pet feel at home.  When you leave your pet with us, whether it is for daycare, grooming or boarding, they will receive the care and attention they deserve, no matter the age, size or disposition.

Our Pledge To You!

We will strive to provide a clean, safe and stress-free environment for our guests.  All of our guests will have daily pampering which includes, playtime, swimming (weather permitting), nap time, freshly baked biscuits (apple-cinnamon-oatmeal is a favorite recipe) and lots of snuggling with our staff from morning till night.

I have designed my facility for the care, comfort and safety of all my boarding, day-care and grooming salon guests.  My staff and I are aware of your concerns when leaving your pets and will make their stay here as pleasant as possible.  Our commitment will be rewarded each time we send a happy pet home to a satisfied parent.

Thank you again for considering us and we look forward to meeting you!

Paradise Pet Hotel & Day Spa