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Grooming Questions 

Can my dog be groomed while they are there for daycare or boarding?

  • Yes! Our groomers and bathers are here Monday through Friday. If your dog is attending daycare they will play during the day and have a bath before their pick up time. All daycare dogs will be kept in a boarding run after their grooming to prevent them from getting dirty. If you would like your pet to play instead of staying in a boarding run please let us know upon arrival.  If they are boarding, they will have a haircut on the day of departure and close to pick up time. If your boarding dog is getting a Complete Groom Package on their departure day, there will be no charge for their last day of boarding regardless of pick up time.

My dog has special shampoo, can I bring that to be used during their bath?

  • Absolutely! Our bathers will use and follow directions with any products that you provide. Our bathers also have access to variety of shampoos that can help with most common skin problems.

Will my dog be put in a hot dryer after their bath?

  • No! We are the only grooming salon outside of Chicago that uses the Vuum dryer system. These dryers are computer controlled for heat and drying times. They are totally quiet and diffuse aromatherapy for relaxation. They provide a quiet, relaxing experience for your pet.

Do you keep record of my dog’s grooming?

  • We will be able to look back at your pet’s last 9 grooming visits. These profiles will include the date, groomer and what was done that day.  

What is your typical wait to get a pet in for grooming?

  • For the Pampered Pet Package, Basic Bath Package or Furminator, there is no wait.  Call us at least 1 day before you would like to bring your pet in, and we will schedule the appointment.  If your pet is getting a Complete Groom Package, there is usually a 1 week wait. Please keep in mind, during warmer months our wait may be 1-2 weeks.  For your convenience, feel free to schedule your Complete Groom Packages in advance to keep your pet on schedule.