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FAQ’s for Boarding, Daycare & Grooming


FAQ-700General Questions

What are your hours?

  • We are open Monday through Friday between 6:00 am – 6:00 pm. On Saturday, we are open between 7:30 am – 10:00 am for boarding pick up and drop off only. Sunday, we are open between 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm only for boarding pick up. If you pick up for boarding on Sunday, you are still charged for that day as a day of boarding. If you wait to pick up on Monday, as long as you pick up by noon, it will be the same price.

What do I have to do to start bringing my pet to Paradise Pets?

  • Simply call during our open hours Monday through Friday. We will ask a few questions and set up an account for you. Once that is done, we will contact your vet and get your dog’s vaccination records. You can expect this to take about 5 minutes.

What vaccinations does my pet need?

  • We require all dogs to be vaccinated for rabies, distemper, flu and bordetella. We do require your dog get a 6 month booster for bordetella unless otherwise advised by your vet. We will contact your vet and get all the information that we need, so you will not need to bring any paper work.
  • Cats are required to be up to date on rabies and FVRCP. The feline leukemia vaccination is recommended but not required.

What do the dogs do on days when weather is bad?

  • On days that are very hot, cold, rainy or snowy all dogs are kept in our indoor play areas. We rotate the play groups outside throughout the day, but dogs are not kept outside for a long period of time. When the weather is nice, they are outside more often and for longer periods of time.

What chemicals do you use to clean?

  • Paradise Pets has always used BNC 15 for cleaning and disinfecting our kennel. It is an excellent product, used in hospitals and kennels, because it kills bacteria and viruses while not causing harm to animals or staff. Our cleaning routine (twice a day) starts with our employees foaming all areas (no dogs in these areas at the time) waiting 20 minutes then TOTALLY POWER SPRAYING OFF ALL FOAM BEFORE THE DOGS COME BACK ON THESE SURFACES. Even though this product is pet friendly we still never allow any pets in the area where the chemical is present.

Are the dogs always supervised?

  • All dogs are supervised at all times. However, incidents can happen very quickly and we may not catch everything. We try our best to notice things such as: scratches, vomiting or diarrhea. We will always leave a note or call the owner if we notice anything abnormal.

Do you do tours of your facility?

  • Yes we do! Video tours are offered Monday thru Friday between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. However, no tours will be given during the week of holidays. If you require a different time due to your schedule please call and we can arrange a specific tour time for you to see the facility. Our tours are given using our video surveillance cameras. This is an easy way for you to see our entire facility and the dogs playing, but without disturbing them.

What is kennel cough and what can you do for it?

  • Kennel cough is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection; a dog version of a cold. This infection is more active with the change of season or when the weather gets very hot or very cold out, because the dogs have to spend more time indoors. Dogs that are young, old or medically compromised tend to be more susceptible to the virus since their immune systems are not as strong. This infection can spread quickly because just like humans with a cold or flu, a dog can be contagious for up to two weeks before they become symptomatic. Since they appear healthy and have no symptoms, it is impossible for us to know they are contagious.  Dogs are exposed to many bacterial and viral infections at the dog park, relatives homes or even on a walk, not just daycare. Our cleaning products do kill the bacteria and viruses on surface areas all bedding and water bowls throughout the day. Our air exchange system, is ran multiple times a day, exchanging the air inside with fresh air from outside. However, when there is an outbreak, the airborne virus ultimately must run it’s course. Please ask us for our Bordetella brochure which has more information.

What kind of surface will my dog play on?

  • All inside floor surfaces are heated geothermal floors with smooth cement floors. The outdoor potty and play area is pea gravel. We use this because it’s easy to clean and replace when needed. However, please be advised that if your pet is young or hasn’t been exposed to surfaces like these, their pads may become irritated. This irritation happens when your pet’s pads are not accustomed to exercise on hard surfaces. If you notice your pet licking after daycare or boarding please put socks on them and try not to allow them to lick. Licking their pads will cause a small irritation to turn into a bigger issue.

Daycare/Boarding Questions

What is your cost of daycare?

  • Daycare is $18.00 per day. We do not offer ½ day rates, so you will be charged $18 no matter the length of time your pet is here.

Do you do daycare on the weekends?

  • No, we only do daycare Monday thru Friday.

How old does my dog have to be to come for boarding or daycare?

  • All dogs must be 12 weeks old and have their second round of vaccinations, including bordetella and flu.

What is the geriatric charge?

  • This $2.00 extra charge per day applies when any dog is 11 years of age or older, because of the special accommodations needed for these dogs. They are boarded in a quieter section toward the front of the boarding area so we can constantly monitor them. We also let them out in smaller groups to potty and exercise to help prevent other dogs jumping on or running into them. At night we provide these dogs with more padding to help comfort their old joints and bodies.

What would qualify my dog to be charged as special needs?

  • These charges apply to any that will require extra attention and care. This can be dogs with recent injuries when there is a high risk of re-injury, dogs that need bandages monitored or replaced, dogs with stitches that can be pulled out or ripped, dogs that have multiple medications or extensive special instructions for care. This charge can apply for any number of medical conditions that require special attention. This charge is an extra $3.00 per day.

How far in advance do I need for a boarding reservation?

  • We recommend calling at least 2 weeks in advance for holiday boarding to ensure a reservation. The summer weekends can be a very busy time as well, we recommend calling early in the week to guarantee spot for your pet for the upcoming weekend. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Spring Break are the busiest holidays.

Do we administer medication for my boarding cat/dog?

  • Yes! Our staff will chart all the medication info on arrival. The medication chart that will be attached to your pet’s run card and will contain all of the information that our employees need to administer medication. There is a $1.00 charge per medication and $3.00 per injection.

Do you offer multiple pet discounts?

  • For boarding, there is a 10% discount off the second pet and a 15% discount off the third pet, and each additional pet.
  • We do not offer a multiple pet discount for daycare.

How are dogs separated during play time?

  • We have two buildings for boarding and daycare. Our original building is used for large dog boarding and daycare. Our new building has 3 indoor play areas where the small and medium dogs are divided by size. The large dogs in this building are older or sometimes too nervous to be in the big dog building. Our toy dog room is only for very small dogs. We take multiple considerations into account when placing a dog in a particular play group: size, temperament, energy level, etc. Based off our observations, we will place the dogs in the appropriate play group. Dogs that show us aggressive behavior toward other dogs are considered no mingle (can’t play with other dogs). Owners will always be told how their dog plays with the other dogs as well as if their behavior changes.

Where does my dog sleep at night when they board?

  • All of our boarding dogs have their own private boarding run. Our largest is a 4×8 indoor area with a connecting 4×8 outside area. These runs are in our original building and are used for large dogs and multiple pet families. Weather permitting, the outdoor area is kept open overnight. In our new building we have 3×5 and 4×5 indoor runs with no attached outside area. All dogs are given an orthopedic cot, blankets and bowls for food and water. the kennel floors are heated during cold weather.

What is your process when mingling a first time dog?

  • All first time dogs are put in one of our boarding runs upon arrival. This allows the dog to calm down since it can be a little overwhelming for some pets. After 10-15 minutes , a kennel tech will walk them around their assigned play group. If they do well, we will take the lead off and watch them closely. If they still seem overwhelmed we will put them back in a run and give them a little more time to settle down. Sometimes we will repeat this process a few times until the dog is ready to come out and play. Some dogs are very social, but may not do as well in bigger play groups. We are very careful to address the needs of all dogs individually so they are happy and safe. Owners will receive a report card for their dogs first day.

If my dog can’t be mingled, what would they be doing during the day?

  • Even if your pet can’t be mingled, they will still receive individual attention and time to play! They will be taken out multiple times throughout the day to potty and exercise. If your pet is boarding, you may also choose to sign them up for an optional daily walk. A 15 minute walk for an extra $7.00 charge.

Do you offer discounts for longer boarding stays?

  • Mid Term Discount (15-30 days) 10% off
  • Long Term Discount (30 + days) 15% off

Do you board cats?

  • Paradise Pets has a separate cat boarding area with individual cat condos, at a cost of $20 per night. We provide litter, litter boxes, food/water bowls, toys and bedding. We ask that you bring their own food.

What do I need to bring with my boarding dog?

  • We ask that you bring your own food, either in zip lock bags or Tupperware, please not in the dog food bag. Paradise Pets provides everything else your pet will need for their stay. Off the floor orthopedic cot, beds and blankets. We ask that you do not bring any bedding or personal items because we wash/bleach all items each day, and it’s easier to use our items.
  • Monday through Friday all boarding dogs will be out all day with our daycare dogs, at no extra charge. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays all boarding dogs will be given approximately 4 hours of daily indoor/outdoor play. We do offer extra play time available on weekends and closed holidays , which will give your pet an additional 4 hours of play. It is $10 for the first pet and $5 for each additional pet in your family.

Will my dog get to play if they are boarding?

  • Monday through Friday all boarding dogs will be out all day with our daycare dogs, at no extra charge. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays all boarding dogs will be given approximately 4 hours of daily indoor/outdoor play. We do offer extra play time available on weekends and closed holidays , which will give your pet an additional 4 hours of play. For $10 for the first pet and $5 for each additional pet in your family.

What is your cost of boarding?

  • Boarding for dogs is $30 per day. We do not charge boarding dogs extra for playtime Monday thru Friday. Cats are $20 per day.

My dog is very thirsty when she gets home, do you provide water?

  • Yes, we have multiple water bowls in each area for the dogs! Fresh clean water is available at all times. When the dogs leave for the day, they get very excited and will usually pant. Then when they get home they go straight for the water bowl. So, even though they may drink a lot of water when they arrive at home, they have access to plenty of water during the day while they are here.

My dog seems very tired after their stay, why?

  • To ensure that your dog has the most enjoyable stay, we offer hours of playtime throughout the day. If they aren’t used to this exercise they will be quite tired a few days after their stay. Some clients request we limit the play of their dog to help with this while others love that their dog came home tired and happy.

What is required of my dog to attend daycare?

  • All daycare dogs need to have a snap collar and name ID tag with both first and last name. If your pet doesn’t have an ID tag by their second day of daycare, we will make one for you at your expense. All daycare dogs that mingle must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age. ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A FLEA AND TICK PREVENTATIVE. We will contact your vet to get the vaccination records.

Do I need to bring food for my dog when they are at daycare?

  • If your pet usually eats lunch and you wish to keep them on their schedule, you are more than welcome to bring food. Please have their lunch labeled with their first and last name, in a zip lock bag or Tupperware. All dogs that get a noon feed are charged $1.00. They are put up in a boarding run to eat, and have a mandatory 1 hour wait period before they are able to be back out in daycare. This allows their stomach to settle to prevent them from vomiting or bloat.


Grooming Questions

Can my dog be groomed while they are there for daycare or boarding?

  • Yes! Our groomers and bathers are here Monday through Friday. If your dog is attending daycare they will play during the day and have the bath before their pick up time. All daycare dogs will be kept in a boarding run after their grooming to prevent them from getting dirty. If you would like your pet to play instead of staying in a boarding run please let us know upon arrival.  If they are boarding, they will have a haircut or bath on the day of departure and close to pick up time. If your boarding dog is getting a Complete Groom Package or Furminator on their departure day, there will be no charge for their last day of boarding regardless of pick up time.  If a Pampered Pet Package is requested, a $12.00 discount will be applied to your boarding charge only if picking up after 12 pm checkout. 

My dog has special shampoo, can I bring that to be used during their bath?

  • Absolutely! Our bathers will use and follow directions with any products that you provide. Our bathers also have access to variety of shampoos that can help with most common skin problems.

Will my dog be put in a hot dryer after their bath?

  • No! We are the only grooming salon outside of Chicago that uses the Vuum dryer system. These dryers are computer controlled for heat and drying times. They are totally quiet and diffuse aromatherapy for relaxation. They provide a quiet, relaxing experience for your pet.

Do you keep record of my dog’s grooming?

  • Yes. We will be able to look back at your pet’s last 9 grooming visits. These profiles will include the date, groomer and what was done that day.  

What is your typical wait to get a pet in for grooming?

  • For the Pampered Pet Package, Basic Bath Package or Furminator, there is no wait.  Call us at least 1 day before you would like to bring your pet in, and we will schedule the appointment.  If your pet is getting a Complete Groom Package, there is usually a 1 week wait. Please keep in mind, during warmer months our wait may be 1-2 weeks.  For your convenience, feel free to schedule your Complete Groom Packages in advance to keep your pet on schedule.