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Daycare & Boarding Questions 

What is your cost of daycare?

  • Daycare is $25.00 per day. We do not offer ½ day rates, so you will be charged $25 no matter the length of time your pet is here.

Do you do daycare on the weekends?

  • No, we only do daycare Monday thru Friday.

How old does my dog have to be to come for boarding or daycare?

  • All dogs must be 12 weeks old and have their second round of vaccinations, including bordetella and flu.

What is the geriatric charge?

  • This $2.00 extra charge per day applies when any dog is 11 years of age or older, because of the special accommodations needed for these dogs. They are boarded in a quieter section toward the front of the boarding area so we can constantly monitor them. We also let them out in smaller groups to potty and exercise to help prevent other dogs jumping on or running into them. At night we provide these dogs with more padding to help comfort their old joints and bodies.

What would qualify my dog to be charged as special needs?

  • These charges apply to any that will require extra attention and care. This can be dogs with recent injuries when there is a high risk of re-injury, dogs that need bandages monitored or replaced, dogs with stitches that can be pulled out or ripped, dogs that have multiple medications or extensive special instructions for care. This charge can apply for any number of medical conditions that require special attention. This charge is an extra $3.00 per day.

How far in advance do I need for a boarding reservation?

  • We recommend calling at least 2 weeks in advance for holiday boarding to ensure a reservation. The summer weekends can be a very busy time as well, we recommend calling early in the week to guarantee spot for your pet for the upcoming weekend. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Spring Break are the busiest holidays.

Do we administer medication for my boarding cat/dog?

  • Yes! Our staff will chart all the medication info on arrival. The medication chart that will be attached to your pet’s run card and will contain all of the information that our employees need to administer medication. There is a $1.00 charge per medication and $3.00 per injection.

Do you offer multiple pet discounts?

  • For boarding, there is a 10% discount off the second pet and a 15% discount off the third pet, and each additional pet.
  • We do not offer a multiple pet discount for daycare.

How are dogs separated during play time?

  • We have two buildings for boarding and daycare. Our original building is used for large dog boarding and daycare. Our new building has 3 indoor play areas where the small and medium dogs are divided by size. The large dogs in this building are older or sometimes too nervous to be in the big dog building. Our toy dog room is only for very small dogs. We take multiple considerations into account when placing a dog in a particular play group: size, temperament, energy level, etc. Based off our observations, we will place the dogs in the appropriate play group. Dogs that show us aggressive behavior toward other dogs are considered no mingle (can’t play with other dogs). Owners will always be told how their dog plays with the other dogs as well as if their behavior changes.

Where does my dog sleep at night when they board?

  • All of our boarding dogs have their own private boarding run. Our largest is a 4×8 indoor area with a connecting 4×8 outside area. These runs are in our original building and are used for large dogs and multiple pet families. Weather permitting, the outdoor area is kept open overnight. In our new building we have 3×5 and 4×5 indoor runs with no attached outside area. All dogs are given an orthopedic cot, blankets and bowls for food and water. the kennel floors are heated during cold weather.

What is your process when mingling a first time dog?

  • All first time dogs are put in one of our boarding runs upon arrival. This allows the dog to calm down since it can be a little overwhelming for some pets. After 10-15 minutes , a kennel tech will walk them around their assigned play group. If they do well, we will take the lead off and watch them closely. If they still seem overwhelmed we will put them back in a run and give them a little more time to settle down. Sometimes we will repeat this process a few times until the dog is ready to come out and play. Some dogs are very social, but may not do as well in bigger play groups. We are very careful to address the needs of all dogs individually so they are happy and safe. Owners will receive a report card for their dogs first day. Your first day of day care is FREE. 

If my dog can’t be mingled, what would they be doing during the day?

  • Even if your pet can’t be mingled, they will still receive individual attention and time to play! They will be taken out multiple times throughout the day to potty and exercise. If your pet is boarding, you may also choose to sign them up for an optional daily walk. A 15 minute walk for an extra $7.00 charge.

Do you offer discounts for longer boarding stays?

  • Mid Term Discount (15-30 days) 10% off
  • Long Term Discount (30 + days) 15% off

Do you board cats?

  • Paradise Pets has a separate cat boarding area with individual cat condos, at a cost of $30 per night. We provide litter, litter boxes, food/water bowls, toys and bedding. We ask that you bring their own food.

What do I need to bring with my boarding dog?

  • We ask that you bring your own food, either in zip lock bags or Tupperware, please not in the dog food bag. Paradise Pets provides everything else your pet will need for their stay. Off the floor orthopedic cot, beds and blankets. We ask that you do not bring any bedding or personal items because we wash/bleach all items each day, and it’s easier to use our items.
  • Monday through Friday all boarding dogs will be out all day with our daycare dogs, at no extra charge. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays all boarding dogs will be given approximately 4 hours of daily indoor/outdoor play. 

Will my dog get to play if they are boarding?

  • Monday through Friday all boarding dogs will be out all day with our daycare dogs, at no extra charge. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays all boarding dogs will be given approximately 4 hours of daily indoor/outdoor play. 

What is your cost of boarding?

  • Boarding for dogs is $45 per day. We do not charge boarding dogs extra for playtime Monday thru Friday. Your dog’s first day is FREE. Cats are $30 per day.

My dog is very thirsty when she gets home, do you provide water?

  • Yes, we have multiple water bowls in each area for the dogs! Fresh clean water is available at all times. When the dogs leave for the day, they get very excited and will usually pant. Then when they get home they go straight for the water bowl. So, even though they may drink a lot of water when they arrive at home, they have access to plenty of water during the day while they are here.

My dog seems very tired after their stay, why?

  • To ensure that your dog has the most enjoyable stay, we offer hours of playtime throughout the day. If they aren’t used to this exercise they will be quite tired a few days after their stay. Some clients request we limit the play of their dog to help with this while others love that their dog came home tired and happy.

What is required of my dog to attend daycare?

  • All daycare dogs need to have a snap collar and name ID tag with both first and last name. If your pet doesn’t have an ID tag by their second day of daycare, we will make one for you at your expense. All daycare dogs that mingle must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age. ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A FLEA AND TICK PREVENTATIVE. We will contact your vet to get the vaccination records.

Do I need to bring food for my dog when they are at daycare?

  • If your pet usually eats lunch and you wish to keep them on their schedule, you are more than welcome to bring food. Please have their lunch labeled with their first and last name, in a zip lock bag or Tupperware. All dogs that get a noon feed are charged $1.00They are put up in a boarding run to eat, and have a mandatory 1 hour wait period before they are able to be back out in daycare. This allows their stomach to settle to prevent them from vomiting

Playtime at Paradise Pets includes outdoor play, weather permitting. Our outdoor surface is currently pea gravel. If your dog is not accustomed to that type of surface it may INITIALLY cause irritated paws until the pads toughen up. This will often result in licking and chewing, further aggravating the irritation, especially during the night.

We limit play time for new clients, gradually building up time, but some dogs may still develop irritated paws. If you notice your dog’s pads seem irritated, please prevent them from licking. Using a cone for a couple of days during the night usually works best because it is the licking and chewing that causes the pads to become much worse.

Also, please let us know if your dog has any irritation and we will limit the time they spend on pea gravel.

Irritated paws are NOT caused by chemical or hot floor surfaces at Paradise Pets. It is the result of running on a hard surface before paw pads toughen up and then licking the irritation.

If you have any question or concerns, please call us!