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Dear Valued Clients,

Welcome to 2022!
The past two years have brought many changes to all of us. Most small businesses
have been strained by COVID restrictions, staffing challenges, loss of income and
supply issues. As we all know, the increased prices of utilities, supplies, employee
wages and general operating costs have required businesses to raise fees.
In spite of this, we went forward with our scheduled renovations in 2021 which
include, canine grass, painting the entire office and reception area in building 2,
painting and rebuilding the entire boarding area in building 1, installing
waterproof wall coverings in the bathing and toy rooms, and purchasing new,
computer- controlled cage dryers for the bathing room.
We will not cut corners on improvements or essential services. We WILL continue
to maintain a safe and clean facility and be competitive with wages and fees to
attract and keep employees that are passionate about working with animals. Our
high level of service will not be sacrificed, as it is essential that your precious
family members have the highest level of care. That is our first priority.
Due to these factors we need to increase some fees to manage our business
As of February 1,
Boarding rates will increase from $35 to $40 per night and Daycare will increase
from $20 to $23 per day.
We appreciate your support and look forward to this new and exciting year.

Kathy, JD and Dani