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I am a fully qualified pet groomer with over 20 years experience. I have an extensive knowledge of animal healthcare issues and a comprehensive understanding of the many pet breeds. Like humans, pets can have health issues that affect their coat, skin and eyes. As part of my grooming process I always check for visible signs of health issues and fill out a report for my pet parents.

 Visiting a groomer may be an intimidating experience for pets and their parents. I know that many people think of their pets as children and are anxious about leaving them with me.  

I want my pet parents to know that I am in this profession because I am passionate about animals. Some pets need more time and patience which is never a problem for me. My first concern is the welfare of my client on the table and I will do what it takes to keep him/her calm and safe. 

 Many cuts require extremely careful scissor work, layering and artistic talent. I like to think of them as my personal specialty. I always welcome the challenge of a highly detailed design to further my expertise.

 I have experienced much joy and gratification in my profession, but those things come with loads of hard work, sacrifice and patience. I welcome it all, and know that it is important to make sure my pet parents are delighted with my work.

Please feel free to contact me through messenger or a phone call with instructions, questions and concerns.