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Paxton is a four year old pitbull mix. He is a sweet, playful cuddle bug who loves walks and playing fetch. Paxton was returned to us because he is over protective of his home and does not welcome visitors. We are working with Barkbusters to help him overcome this issue. He is very responsive to training but we would recommend that he is crated or kept in a separate room when guests arrive. Paxton is housebroken, well mannered and crate trained. He has lived peacefully with female dogs his size but we would prefer to find him a home where he would be the only pet. He is looking for a forever with a family that can help him overcome his insecurities and enjoy his otherwise sweet nature. If you are interested in meeting Paxton, please call to set up a time meet him! We're sure you'll love him just as much as we do!
Warclaw is an outgoing, domestic shorthair who is estimated to be around 7 years old. Don't let his rough exterior fool you because this little guy is as sweet as can be. He absolutely loves to be pet and is quite the snuggler.
Walter had been wandering around the Tipton neighborhood for quite some time before he was brought to Paradise Pets. He was extremely dehydrated, severely underweight, covered in fleas, and had double eye and ear infections. Since he's been here he has gained several pounds, been treated for fleas and intestinal parasites, and has been treated for his eye and ear infections.
Unfortunately, poor Walter's health problems didn't stop there. He does have renal insufficiency and his kidney health will have to be checked three times yearly. He also has a heart murmur but it is not currently causing any health problems. It will need to be monitored which can be done simultaneously with monitoring his kidney health. Walter also has several broken canines. They are not currently causing him any issues and they are not affecting his appetite. Please do not let Walter's special needs stop you from adopting him; Kathy will pay for his vet bills if you can offer him a loving, forever home.
Walter would do well in just about any home. Other cats and dogs don't phase him in the slightest. He's such a laid back guy and anyone would be lucky to have him. He will need to go to an indoor only home. Everyone here absolutely adores Walter and we're sure you will too! If you are interested in meeting Walter give us a call and set up a time to come meet him!
Jack is a sweet, high energy, 2 year old pitbull mix who has spent the majority of his life at Paradise Pets. He loves being around people, going for walks, and playing. He would do best with someone who has an active lifestyle. Jack does not do well with other dogs, especially around his home. He views his owner and home as his territory and feels the need to protect them. Because of this he will come with bark busters training. He does need to go to a home without children and we think he would do best in a house without cats. Jack is a sweet boy who needs a little work and training. He is very smart and picks up on commands quickly. If you are interested in meeting Jack, give us call and we'd be glad to set up a time for you to meet him.