2015 Reflections, Thank Yous and Holiday Greetings…

2015 Reflections, Thank Yous and Holiday Greetings…


This past year has flown by, as time keeps marching at it’s frantic pace. As always, we’ve been faced with a year full of blessings and challenges which have included…..

  • The new building, 10 months of excitement and terror (I only cried once when we had to tear a portion of the back wall out to get the  60 lb. capacity washer/dryer in) but in the end, everything turned out better than I imagined it would be.
  • BOTH of my main receptionists (Jessica & Tasha) taking maternity leave.
  • New staff, new rules, new procedures, new spaces and equipment to  organize and work with.
  • My kennelsoft program crash that lasted 3 days, but thank the heavens, recovered by On Site computer Services (ok, I did cry over that one too and lost 3 days of sleep) .
  • Some sad endings, pets that crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, a few that had been coming to PP since 2004 when we first opened.
  • Many new beginnings, welcoming new pets to our daycare, boarding and grooming services.
  • Starting Four Paws Boutique, another exciting but sometimes overwhelming project.
  • Clay and I would like our customers to know that we are grateful for your trust in our ability to care for your precious furry family members. We take this responsibility seriously and continue to learn and implement new ways to improve our facilities and procedures as times change.
  • Our staff is truly a blessing and we are grateful for their hard work and personal commitment to the care of our furry clients and this facility. I ABSOLUTELY could not do this without them.

Thank you to the people who made my new facility better than I dreamed it would be…

McPherson Architects  Edwards Architects, Isaacson Concrete, Busey Bank, Nybakke Vacuum, Benchmark Buildings, Fernweh Painting, Creative Stone Specialists, The Mason Company, Shoreline, Prairie View Landscaping, Big Ass Fans (yes, that’s the real name), Lewis, Yockey Brown (land surveyors), Hermes Laundry Equipment and Creative Stone.

I would like to give a a special thank you to… Borkholder Builders, Heartland Electric, On Site Computer Services, Spencer Plumbing,  Midwest AV Solutions and Bratcher Heating & Cooling, for excellent work and not murdering me through all the changes I made as we went through this monster project.

On that note, we wish you a holiday season filled with quiet pleasures and happy memories.

Kathy Sieraski, Clay Sieraski
& the staff of Paradise Pets